Four years with nothing new!

Holy cow!

I just realized I haven’t posted to this blog in four whole years! As you might imagine, a great deal has happened in that time. To quickly catch you up, here are “Five Major Things I Did in Four Years” (in rough chronological order and no particular ranking in importance):

1) I’ve done a lot of traveling both at home and abroad (India, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Michigan, Kentucky, California, Washington, DC)

2) I finally earned my PhD at the University of Chicago!! With the support and love from family and friends, I defended my thesis on December 2, 2013.

3) I spent an entire year (all of 2014) “funemployed” where I kept busy helping the family redecorate parts of the house, working out and biking around Cary, NC, doing yardwork, tutoring some folks, and applying for jobs.

4) I was awarded the Mirzayan Fellowship from the National Academy of Sciences (more on that in another post) and served as a fellow at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) from Jan 20-Apr 10, 2015. I stayed on at the IOM as a research associate until August 2015 after which

5) I started a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship!!! Becoming an “S&TP” fellow with AAAS has been a cherished goal of mine for years and I’m simply thrilled it’s finally happening. More on the process it took to get here soon, and certainly more details on how it’s going!

Other notable/awesome things that have happened to the people in my life: my brother married a beautiful and wonderful woman, Chrissy Meyer, that I’m proud to call my sister-in-law; my sister got a sweet and increasingly challenging gig as a cardiac nurse at a Raleigh hospital; my best friend joined Dow Chemical and is rising in the ranks there; my grad school roommates have done one or more of the following, a) gotten married, b) had a kid, and c) entered/completed residency (congrats to all of them!!).

Since I’m embarking on a new adventure as a AAAS S&TP Fellow in the State Department, I hope to update this site more regularly over the coming year. Expect personal/political musings, unsolicited advice re: policy fellowships, travel, and DC, pictures, and more.

Stay tuned!