7 December 2010

Dear Congressional Republicans,

I am your worst nightmare.

I am a woman who supports a woman’s right to choose, who believes in equal pay for equal work, who demands swift and appropriate justice for sexual crimes and domestic abuse (regardless of the victim’s gender), and who supports woman occupying non-traditional roles in the household, the workplace, and the community at large.

I am an intellectual who believes a good education is as much a fundamental right as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that our leaders should embrace intelligent peers instead of promoting sycophants.

I am the daughter of immigrants with a funny name and who hopes to live in a more diverse and honestly multicultural country.

I am an atheist, a humanist, a proponent of the separation of church and state, and am tolerant of other people’s beliefs except when they try to impose them on me.

I am a scientist who knows evolution is true, supports stem cell research, alternative energy research, environment-protecting legislation (yes, global warming is real), and that expert panels and not untrained lobbyists should determine science-related legislation.

I voted for Barack Hussein Obama and do not for a single moment regret that decision.

I believe that America’s true might lies in its prosperity and peaceful policies rather than the size and use of its military arsenal.

I am a willing tax-payer who wants taxes to be levied proportional to income (that, yes, rich people should pay more taxes than poor people), who demands an end to corporate tax loopholes and other tax evasion policies that will bankrupt the government.

I advocate for universal health-care because a healthy nation is a happier, stronger, more prosperous nation.

I support gay rights including the rights for gay people to be themselves, love openly, legally, and live free from persecution in every state in this Union.

I believe in tighter gun laws because while people do kill people, the guns certainly help and it is far, far too easy for them to land in the wrong hands in this country.


I am a proud American, and YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME.

~Sapana Vora

Woman, intellectual, daughter of immigrants, atheist, scientist, Barack Hussein Obama supporter, peace-lover, tax-payer, health-care advocate, gay rights supporter, gun law supporter, American.

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